Bjorn Forsburg

Special guest

Hey, my name is Björn and I originally started FORSBERG+two in 2011 as a side project to my full-time work at an investment bank. After a few years of good growth and lots of learning, I was able to make the leap to working on my Shopify apps full-time in 2015. It's been a great journey and I've really enjoyed digging into what merchants need help with, that also compliment my skills and interests.

The focus has always been web applications and e-commerce, finding interesting ideas and turning them into micro-businesses. The 4 apps have so far helped over 25,000+ merchants, which is mind-blowing to think about.

I'm a one-man army so you'll find me doing everything from initial sketches, wire-framing, user experience design, development, sales content, website and logo designs, .. as well as ongoing marketing and customer support.

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