Keith Matthews

Host of Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast

Keith Matthews is the Founder of Ireland's No. 1 rated Shopify experts - Milk Bottle Labs. Keith began his e-commerce journey in 1999 on Joomla & Wordpress. A chance encounter with Shopify in 2008 lead to his 1st live Shopify store in 2011. Shopify became a side hustle.

Keiths first start up venture was Bermydeals, a Groupon style clone in Bermuda in 2011. A successful exit followed in 2012 and Keith returned home to set up Milk Bottle Labs and continue to side hustle 😀. Expert accreditation followed in 2013 - Milk Bottle Labs was officially born.

A keen traveller, Keith has worked and resided in the United States, Bermuda, Bahamas, Haiti & Australia. An accredited web development professional and digital marketer, Keith is a graduate of University College Dublin (Ag. Science) & Dublin City University (Digital Marketing).

Keith Matthews has hosted 15 Episodes.